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trồng rau tại thành phố?

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adamrobbin2018 Xem từ trên xuống

Gia nhập: 24 Oct 2018
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    Đã đăng: 24 Oct 2018 lúc 10:12pm

Egyptians win table tennis tourney. 

by Joey Aguilar/Staff report An Egyptian team has sealed two consecutive victories ahead of the Indian Warriors to win the league championship between the foreigners at the Qatar Bowling Center on Friday.

Ahmed Ben Emam survived the final five set match with Vikram Arora, eventually winning 3-2 to put his team over the lead front 1-0. The finals have been played in double format.

In the double-handed match, HHR El Feky and Essam el Masloot defeated Shino Ittoop and Jagmit Singh 3-1 to win. Decisive-second single match between Ammoory Hassan and Abor Joseph-is not required.

 "There is harmony between me and my partner and I think that's our biggest advantage ", HHR, players into pairs.  "Because Essam has been my teammates for over five years, we have good chemistry. " He said that the "big victory" of Ahmed has brought advantage to them, this ensures that they do not have to play the decisive game. Read more.

The Egyptians had rehearsed at least three times a week a few months before the competition, according to HHR, who also praised the performances of Indian players. He describes the championship match as a "high-level" game.

 "A lot of Filipino people have also played excellence and I am very grateful to all the organizers because of this successful tournament in Qatar, " he said.

The Egyptians won all of their matches in the elimination round before defeating the colonial design of Anthill in the semifinals. The Indians defeated Spindriveletic, also a Filipino team, before entering the finals.

At least 10 teams were involved in the tournament. They were divided into two groups and the first two teams had the most victories in each table qualifying for the semi-finals.

Jay Ballesca, president of the Philippine Tennis Tournament (Ftta), told the newspaper of the gulf that they planned to hold a league chart in October and another teammate competition in December.  "We will also have a single event and it opens the door to everyone. Not categorized , "he said.

Ftta has held a number of table tennis tournaments over the past months, in which different nationalities have participated. Ballesca stressed that they wanted to disseminate this sport in Qatar. The group has established a training committee of young players and beginners for free.

Ftta is looking forward to the Korean people, Thais, Lebanese people and other nationalities who will join their tournaments in the coming months.

 "These are friendly contests to promote friendship, sporting spirit and healthier lifestyle," Ballesca said. Most of their members have played at QBC on Friday mornings and evenings. Click Here read more information table tennis.

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